Breakfast@Soulshine, Bridport – 2016

We had many great breakfasts in 2015 and one of the very best was at Soulshine in Bridport. So, today, we are returning for a second helping and meeting my brother Neko at the same time.

Both Rock and I decide to have the full English. This consists of sourdough toast, a beautifully poached egg, local bacon and sausage, freshly cooked mushrooms, baked beans and tomato. Neko has the veggie breakfast – the sausage and bacon replaced by a butternut squash farl and an extra poached egg.  And, of course, we all have coffee.


It is a bit quirky in here. Sometimes the service can be a little too relaxed. But…the food and the coffee are always fabulous.


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Wade and Rock are a UK based couple who love good food and wildlife and love travelling to find it. Wade does most, but not all, of the writing and the photography. Rock shares the eating experience and tells Wade when planned posts fall short on sense or style or taste. In the opinion of Wade (and many of our friends) she is also a fabulous baker. WadeandRockandFood mainly consists of reviews of restaurants and pubs we have recently visited. WadeandRockandWildlife and WadeandRockandPlaces are mostly photoblogs.

One thought on “Breakfast@Soulshine, Bridport – 2016”

  1. I really like your photograph! Last year when I was in Australia each day as we traveled we started the morning with a breakfast buffet. My friend and I were amazed that every stop in both Australia and New Zealand had baked beans, mushrooms, and tomatoes on the buffet. We found it to be an interesting addition (never on a breakfast buffet in the States). Finally, a couple in our group who were from England said that it was regular breakfast fare in Europe. By the way, I always indulged in the tomatoes and mushroom, not so much the baked beans.

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