Coffee & Cake@Woodruff’s, Stroud

After wandering around the farmers’ market in Stroud and buying loads of interesting goodies for the next few days… it’s time for coffee and cake. Woodruff’s is a favourite stop for us when we are in Stroud. It is an organic cafe that was established almost 20 years ago and it now has a reputation for great food and friendly service.

The atmosphere in the cafe is buzzing and convivial. Rock has an americano and I have a cappucino – as always the coffee is excellent. There are always a range of freshly made cakes to choose from and, as ever, I want to be adventurous. Beetroot & salted caramel cake – that should do it. It is very moist, the beetroot and salted caramel icing is fascinating in colour and tastes good too. 


As usual, this has been a great place to chill before heading back out for more food shopping!

Coffee & Cake@The Bakehouse, Greenodd

We are at The Bakehouse in Greenodd and it is not often that a piece of cake is so good that I have to blog about it. However, along with excellent coffees, we are enjoying a piece of their iced gingerbread. It is covered in a thin film of icing that perfectly sweetens the beautifully moist and fully flavoured gingerbread. It is so good that we go on to buy white rolls for tomorrow’s lunch and take home a custard tart for afternoon tea. If you are in the southern lake district looking for coffee and/or baked goods then this place should be at the top of your list.

Postscript: The rolls and the tart were fantastic too!

Coffee@The Thoughtful Bread Co., Bath

Rock has honed her baking skills on courses with two extraordinary bakers both based in Bath. We’ve blogged about one of them, Richard Bertinet, before and today we had the chance to visit the cafe of the Thoughtful Bread Co. where the other, Duncan Glendinning, sells his wares.

The cafe is modest in size but the bread, salads and pastries on display all look very appetising.  There are even purple wraps made with beetroot! We order coffee and, just because the mood takes us, a sausage roll.  The coffee is fantastic and the sausage roll is the best I’ve had for a very long time.


They are planning to extend the cafe into the premises next door and I’m sure we will be visiting the new set up as soon as it is in place.


Coffee&Cake@Green Pavilion

There are few better places to stop than a really good small, independent cafe that serves great coffee and cakes that are genuinely home made.  The Green Pavilion in Buxton is a florist but it has a wonderful cafe attached.


Sometimes, when I order a large coffee, I leave half of it because it just isn’t good enough. Not here – the coffee is beautiful.  It is matched by a selection of really interesting cakes. Rock and I shared the courgette and lime cake – fabulous flavours, very moist and not too sweet.  The place was busy – with others having a freshly cooked breakfast (which looked really good) or just stopping by to get a coffee.  Despite being very busy…the service was both friendly and helpful.  We loved it!

Coffee@Birsay Bay Tearoom

Sometimes you just need a decent coffee and a good view to help you get through the day. The weather has been pretty awful and there are very few really good places nearby where we can stop for coffee & cake.  We’ve heard that the Birsay Bay Tearoom is worth a stop and it overlooks one of the more interesting places on today’s route – the Brough of Birsay.

Rock orders a home-made coconut cake and, because I’m in the mood for something savoury, I order a cheese scone.  The coffee and the coconut cake are both good but the cheese scone is fantastic – really light and yet full of flavour.  With great views and good service this has been an ideal place for a mid-morning break.


Coffee&Cake@Toast House

It is not often that you walk into a café, ask about the cakes, and find that you are holding a three way conversation with the owners of the café and the bakers of all the cakes on display. At Toast House in Ilkley, Natasha & Lisa know what every cake contains – hugely useful if you have particular dietary requirements and also fantastically interesting to other bakers – like Rock.

After listening to detailed descriptions of all the cakes – we choose to have the apple & almond with our coffee. As always, the coffee is fabulous (see previous visit), and one of the bakers has pulled off the trick of creating a cake that is both beautifully moist and yet still really light. Clever!


Different Flour, Different Bread

Rock makes her own bread every week and, sometimes, she likes to experiment!  Recently she has been taking inspiration from a book called Crust by Richard Bertinet (see Bertinet Kitchen ). She has bought some organic Khorasan flour from Doves Farm – it is a soft, wholegrain flour produced from an ancient Egyptian wheat.

The bread is a little like that made from spelt flour – it is dense and flavoursome.  Today’s lunch is an avocado & bacon sandwich made with Khorasan bread.  I’m really looking forward to more experiments…