Lunch@Arras, York

After a fabulous morning walking round York Minster and the city walls, we are heading for Arras and lunch.  Arras is a relatively new restaurant opened by Adam and Lovaine Humphrey who, though both English, had opened the original Arras in Australia before being drawn back to the UK.

Let’s start with the negatives – there are only two and they are both small.  Firstly, some of the tracks on the Arras lunchtime playlist are a little bizarre.  I like driving rock music when I’m…driving.  When I’m having lunch I want something a little more chilled.  Second, I am briefly disappointed by the relatively limited beer menu.  It doesn’t take me very long to choose Maris the Otter by Brew York, a smooth English bitter named after the Maris Otter variety of malt.  However, my modest disappointment disappears when I read the food menu.  Three courses, just three choices for each course – but every choice sounds interesting!P1050981a

Rock starts with the grilled mackerel, brassicas and apple.  The mackerel has been marinated before grilling and it works perfectly with the brassica and apple.  I have the braised pork cheek with fermented rye grain, sauerkraut jelly and mustard sauce.  The pork is as tender as anything and the great flavours of sauerkraut and mustard are there but they do not overpower the pork.  Both dishes are beautifully presented and taste fantastic.


Is Arras going to be one of those places that presents you with fabulous starters and then follows with far less inspiring main courses?  We soon have the answer…a definite no.  Rock is even harder to impress than I am – but she really is impressed by her roast poussin, celeriac remoulade, mushrooms and lovage emulsion. How have they managed to infuse so much flavour into a roast poultry dish?  My stone bass with puy lentils, cucumber and crab is also wonderful. The fish is perfectly cooked, crispy skin and flaky white flesh. Balancing a combination of flavours is the key when being inventive and this kitchen contains at least one person with a very finely tuned palate.


As is often the case, we decide to share a dessert.  Another exquisitely presented plate arrives with cinnamon crumble in the centre, topped with a yoghurt sorbet.  Segments of orange, chunks of orange jelly and small pieces of frozen berry all sitting on a red berry jus surround the crumble.  Plus, draped across the plate… a square snake of vanilla and ricotta mousse. It is a fantastic collection of sweet and sharp, soft and crunchy taste sensations.  Again the quality of each component and the balance of flavours borders on perfection.


All five dishes were incredibly well balanced with some unusual flavour combinations that really worked – if Arras can do that consistently they should be in line for a Michelin star!  We also had really informative and efficient service from Charles.

If you live in York or you are planning to visit York and you want a high quality food experience – we strongly recommend that you try Arras.


Lunch@The Olive Branch, Ilkley

We tried Sardinian food last week, this week we are going Turkish! The Olive Branch is a small chain of family run restaurants in Yorkshire and we are having lunch at the Ilkley restaurant.

How do you get draft beer in a bottle? I order an Efes Draft and receive a very refreshing Turkish lager in a barrel-shaped bottle. Ok, beer straight from the barrel but the barrel is a bottle! To start I have the grilled halloumi with roast aubergine, courgette, peppers and olive oil. Rock has falafel served with hummus and a tomato relish. Both dishes are very flavoursome and the accompanying salad is beautifully enhanced with sumac.

I find room for another barrel of beer as I begin to eat the grilled lamb kofte. Served on an extremely wide and narrow plate, the skewered lamb mixed with spices is almost a foot long and served with rice, salad, yoghurt and a sweet chutney. Rock is having the lamb Imam Bayildi – roast aubergine, stuffed with spiced minced lamb and vegetables and served with a tomato sauce and rice. Very generous in size and in flavour.



Despite being enticed by some delightful sounding desserts we dither over whether we can even share a slice of lemon cheesecake. We recognise our limitations and decide not to. Service throughout from Jade and Kelly has been excellent and, just to add to our experience, they box up a slice of lemon cheesecake and two baklava for us to take home… a gift. Wow!


Coffee, cake & lunch@Mannion & Co

We hit upon Mannion & Co because we heard it was a good place for coffee and cake. It has become almost a regular daily stop for us over our two weeks in Yorkshire and not just for coffee!

Their coffee is fabulous and so are their cakes. Over several days we tried the blueberry & thyme frangipane tart (the thyme makes all the difference), the fabulous peanut financier and the lemon & passionfruit tart decorated with raspberries and blueberries.

I had no doubt that I would blog about Mannion & Co. But, in order to give them the attention they really deserve and also because we can’t wait to see what they can do with savoury dishes – we are now here for lunch!

Rock has a thing for elderflower based drinks and Mannion & Co stock her favourite, Fentiman’s wild English. Not as sweet as most bottled drinks and she loves it. As usual, I’m trying something unusual, Er Bocherōn, beer made with sea water. If you can’t use your sea water to generate tidal electricity then generating beer is definitely another excellent way to use it.

We’ve already had a taste of Yorkshire portion sizes, so we decide to share a starter and a main course. A sausage roll to start but not any sausage roll. Fabulous layers of crisp flaky pastry, topped with sesame seeds, wrapped around a huge slice of beautifully flavoured sausagemeat and served with a chutney plus a bowl of salad and pickles. Extraordinary!

The sausage roll!

Our main course is the oxtail ragu with fennel pappardelle and fresh horseradish. Incredibly delicate pasta, the oxtail and the fennel working beautifully together and just enough fresh horseradish to take the overall taste sensation to a whole new level. This is almost certainly the best pasta dish we’ve had outside Italy!

Oxtail ragu with fennel pappardelle & fresh horseradish

We take the opportunity to chat to Andrew Burton, who set up Mannion & Co in both York and Helmsley, about the focus on quality in his approach to food, the incredible pasta dish created by Matt and the fantastically friendly and helpful service we received from Rachel.

If you are in Helmsley you have to try Mannion & Co. If you are near Helmsley, make a detour to Mannion & Co. If you are thinking of travelling to Yorkshire – build Mannion & Co into your plans!

Lunch@Yorkshire Sculpture Park

After a truly wonderful morning wandering around Yorkshire Sculpture Park… is time for lunch. The restaurant here is not just convenient, their food looks fresh and there is even a hint of artistic invention coming from the kitchen.

Rock chooses a bottle of Fentiman’s sparkling lime and jasmine. It probably sounds more interesting than it tastes but it is pleasant. I have a Treacle Stout from the Ossett Brewery , an excellent rich, dark and complex ale… I am really enjoying it.


The menu here is not huge but there is variety. Rock selects a large flat mushroom stuffed with a spicy mix of beans and chilli, topped with cheese and served with spicy rice and a salad. I go for the smoked trout and avocado salad with marinated olives, asparagus, red onion and baby leaves. Both are full of high quality, fresh ingredients that are freshly prepared… and they deliver on flavour.

No real works of art in the restaurant but simple, honest, fresh produce that has been put together with some imagination.

Lunch@Cattows Farm, Heather

We are on our way to Yorkshire and decide to stop at Cattows Farmshop for lunch. Nestled in the Leicestershire countryside, not too far from the M1, this appears to be an ideal location to break our journey. The farm has been around for more than 100 years  and, when we arrive, it is clear that the farm shop and tea room are popular.

Rock has a Belvoir raspberry lemonade and I have a Blue Fox ale from the Loughborough based Charnwood Brewery. The lemonade is ok but the Blue Fox is an excellent and refreshing golden ale with some fruity notes.

I choose one of the specials from the blackboard – Grasmere sausages with creamy mash, onion gravy, peas, cauliflower, broccoli and cabbage. Great sausages, fresh veg and good gravy all freshly cooked. Simple but beautiful. Rock has a properly baked potato (not microwaved) with a good chilli and a side salad.

Portions were generous and the service was friendly and helpful. If you want to break your journey along the M1 and you are looking for something better than a service station – this is a great place to consider.

Lunch@The Pot Kiln, Frilsham

At first glance The Pot Kiln may appear to be a traditional English pub in the West Berkshire countryside but it’s approach to food is quite different to most other pubs. Named as one of the Top 100 restaurants in the UK 2017 by The Sunday Times, the menu has a strong focus on game including venison from locally culled wild deer.

The Pot Kiln was also the original home of the West Berkshire Brewery but no single brewery has a monopoly on the beer on sale today as now it is a free house. This means there should be some great ales for me to try and I start with the Brick Kiln Bitter – created specially for this place by the West Berkshire brewers. It is a dark amber, earthy bitter – perfectly fine but not my favourite from this brewery.


Rock chooses to kick off with the beetroot cured gravadlax with beetroot in counter and dice shapes, horseradish cream and pickled cucumber. The quality of the dish is outstanding and she is very happy with her choice. I go for the wood pigeon salad served with bacon, black pudding, mushrooms and darts of balsamic glaze. The wood pigeon is quite rare but it is also tender and works fantastically with the black pudding. So far, so very good.

Beetroot cured gravadlax, beetroot, horseradish cream & pickled cucumber
Wood pigeon salad, bacon, black pudding, mushrooms & balsamic glaze

I need a second beer and I want to try another West Berkshire ale that I’ve not had before. Mister Swift’s is a light, fruity pale ale, I really like it and it gets a high mark on my personal beer scorecard.

We both feel that the best next move is to choose venison for our main course. I have the grilled pavé of fallow served with pomme purée, cavolo nero, game stuffing and a pool of red wine gravy. The pomme purée could have been creamier but, I’m really nitpicking, overall the dish is fabulous. Rock has the venison burger served with incredible crispy potato wedges stacked like dominoes (I sneak some of them onto my plate), a rich home-made tomato sauce and their own coleslaw. Wow, that’s a real winner!

Grilled pavé of fallow served with pomme purée, cavolo nero, game stuffing & red wine gravy
Venison burger, crispy potato wedges, home-made tomato sauce & coleslaw

We have really enjoyed decent beer, fantastic food and fabulous service from Claudia. If you are looking to find a great place to eat game – don’t take up some sort of trivial pursuit – the Pot Kiln is the only game in town!

Lunch@The Fox & Hounds, Wroughton

Today I’m meeting Cali, Xena & Antonio for lunch at the Fox & Hounds in Wroughton. This is an old haunt for all of us but there have been some changes here – the place was completely refurbished in 2015 and the menu has been refurbished too!

Antonio and I are first to arrive and we both have a pint of Wiltshire Gold. Xena soon joins us and, as we all anticipated, Cali arrives in her own time. At this point we are sitting in the garden and we can watch Cali – hoping that she does not re-enact the infamous car parking incident which is part of our collective history.

Xena enjoys the fresh smoked chicken Caesar salad which is full of quite strong flavours. Antonio has the interesting variation on paella made with chicken and Chorizo. I’ve been drawn to the marinated pork chop with garlic, fried noodles, pak choi and a soya dipping sauce. It is enjoyable though possibly a touch too sweet for me. Cali has the leek and feta cheese tart served with a tomato and bean salad. She likes the fact that the tarts have been freshly cooked but finds the leeks a little strange.

Chicken & Chorizo paella
Marinated pork chop with fried noodles & pak choi
Leek & feta cheese tarts

Conversation flows about the past, the present and the future and we are all really enjoying ourselves. From my perspective, this is a small but perfectly formed group of former workmates…and we really need to meet up more often. The refurbished Fox & Hounds is much improved and the food is better too!